update vlog, I’m still alive, honest…

I am so SO SORRY i have all but disapeared the last couple months, the vlog explains everything & then some *HUGS* much love *smooches*
*NOTE* for SOME REASON it WILL NOT allow me to insert the player windows, so here are the direct links, my apologies.
Pt. 1- http://blip.tv/ginsbergthebeatnik/labn-update-vlog-pt1-5919973
Pt. 2- http://blip.tv/ginsbergthebeatnik/labn-update-vlog-pt2-5920003


LABN 1.14- Walter Rinder Poem & Vlog

my third favorite poem, found my book finally, and letting you know why i disappearred there for a while. thank you for your patience with me. hope ya’ll had a great xmas & an awesome new year! much live! cheers! here’s to 2012, next ep. will mark the start of LABN season 2, hopefully smother going *crossed fingers*
(its being a DICK and wont post the fucking player window, so here’s a direct link: http://blip.tv/ginsbergthebeatnik/labn-1-14-walter-rinder-justice-poem-and-news-update-vlog-5861557 )

LABN Vlog- sorry about stuff

sorry about the lack of episode this week, got a lot on my plate of late, its been rough, i’ll see if i can get something up later in the week.

LABN 1.13- Yule Tide Queer #1- Queer Duck ‘Homo for the Holidays’ Special

Merry seasons greetings everyone, seeing as how it is the month of December, the festival of lights, the time of yule, Christmas, Hanukkah and all the other religions winter festivals, I thought I’d share with you all my favorite GLBT themed holiday goodies. We start this week with the two episodes of Queer Duck I didn’t review back in September. First we have ‘Homo for the Holidays’ and after that ‘Santa Claus is Coming Out’. Also, in the spirit of World AIDS day, which was the 1st of December, stay tuned after the end credits to see a cheeky French advert encouraging us all to get tested regularly & know our status. Cheers! Much Love ❤ and as always, thank you for watching! *hugs*

LABN 1.12- Spookey Ruben

musician who a friend introduced me to back in 2003. Enjoy this short but no less SURREAL episode of Lets All Be Neurotic (sorry its a day late but trust, if you’d seen the footage I initially shot, you’d be thanking me). Hope ya’ll had a great thanksgiving! next week is the start of ‘Yule Tide Queer’ kicking it off w/the queer duck holiday episodes. see you next saturday CHEERS! Much Love! ❤

heads up!

just a heads up, the camera kept getting wiggled by the dog (who was bouncing about during filming) when i shot for the episode the other night, when i went to edit tonight it was making me dizzy, so the episode will post sunday, sorry for the delay :P. MUCH LOVE!! ❤

Cross Over Post- Welcome To My Cell #16- Happy Thanksgiving & Shit

This is a cross over post from my behind the scenes/life Vlog ‘welcome to my cell’. Happy thanksgiving everyone! Thank you for watching this goofy lil queer do his weird little show. Cheers! much love! ❤